Entity which carries out the split operation

Keypair generation

Operation which users and the receiver carry out to generate a key pair consisting of a private key.

Parameter generation

Operation which is carried out once to generate system parameters, e.g. select mathematical groups and their generators.

Private Key

Private part of a key pair. Element of the image group.

Public Key

Public part of a key pair. Element of the pre-image group.


Publicly Verifiable Secret Splitting (or … Sharing).


An entity with a key pair which finally reconstructs the secret.

Reencrypted Share

One of the shares; decrypted with the user’s private key and re-encrypted with the receiver’s public key.


A random secret generated by the Secret Splitting operation.

Secret Reconstruction

Operation which takes reencrypted shares, decrypts them with the receiver’s private key and outputs the secret.

Secret Splitting

Operation which generated a random secret, splits it in multiple shares and encrypts those shares with the users’ public keys.


One part of the Secret, encrypted with a user’s public key.

Share Reencryption

Operation that a user carries out to decrypt a share and re-encrypt it with the receiver’s public key.


An entity with a key pair which receives one of the encrypted shares and can re-encrypt it with the reveiver’s public key.